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Nice Zen type atmosphere

5.0 stars - Written on March 28, 2022

I just had a facial with Kimberly at Alexus Medspa and I absolutely loved the results. My face had such a nice glow after the facial and I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time. Kimberly was so friendly and explained each of the processes she was using on my face as she applied them. I had the Fire and Ice Facial which I have never had so it involved applying different solutions for heat and finishing off with cold which was so refreshing. Nice Zen type atmosphere. I would highly recommend Alexus Medspa and Kimberly, I’m definitely going to go back, hopefully on a regular basis if my schedule allows, plus I owe it to my skin, it hasn’t felt and looked that good in a long time.


I look forward to every visit!

5.0 stars - Written on May 4, 2021

Alexus Med Spa is outstanding in every way. Monica has tremendously improved the look and feel of my skin and Taylor keeps it looking that way with her incredible facials! Both are genuinely sweet and extremely knowledgeable! The products they suggested (and I now use religiously) have been a game changer. As an added bonus, their facilities are stunning in design! I look forward to every visit!


Alexus Med Spa is incredibly amazing

5.0 stars - Written on February 23, 2020

Alexus Med Spa is incredibly amazing. I have gone there about 4 times already and the staff and the service is impeccable. Go see DARCY DUFFIN. She is absolutely amazing. She takes pride in her work, pays attention to every single detail, makes you feel safe and gorgeous after I leave. Her attention to detail gives you the perfect result every single time. Again, DARCY DUFFIN! ❤️


I enjoyed my experience…

5.0 stars - Written on March 10, 2019

I had a wonderful facial from Leann! I enjoyed my experience with her and am looking forward to my next treatment. I also had botox done by Darcy. She is very good and knowledgeable. She made my experience enjoyable! I will definitely be back!


Amazing Job

5.0 stars - Written on March 22, 2021

I got a facial from Taylor and she was amazing. She did an amazing job in getting rid of my milia on my face. She explained everything she was doing during the entire facial. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable on what’s best for the face, etc. I would highly recommend her and look forward to our next visit.


I have a huge worry lifted off my mind

5.0 stars - Written on March 26, 2020

This review is 6 weeks post-surgery which is perfect. I’m half Asian, mid 30’s male based in SD and did 3 months of homework on getting an upper blepharoplasty before finally making the decision to stay here and trust Dr. Edelson.

My beautiful eyes weren’t at their full potential because I had hooded eyelids with extra skin above my eyes that made me look tired and forced me to subconsciously over-compensate by always lifting up my eye brows to temporarily counter this which is terrible for forehead wrinkles. This was a huge factor along with the obvious mental aspect.

I did my homework and originally booked a flight to South Korea because that is the upper blepharoplasty capital of the world with Asians coming from all over to get this done in droves. Because of this competition… the procedure is priced $1k+ lower than doctors I cold-called in San Diego and LA.

I called 6 plastic surgery centers (including Edelson) that emphasized this procedure as part of their speciality (doctors market themselves touting certain procedures and the doctors who concentrate on breast augmentations are not the same ones you want doing your eyelids and vice versa). Doctors who concentrate or do this on the regular should be considered first and for me… experience with Asian patients was a huge selling point.

My flight to South Korea was early February (February sucks and I’d rather be down a few weeks when it’s cold and nothing is going on versus summer) figuring I’d also make a trip out of this. When you factor in flights, lodging and having to sit in a hotel room for a few days for post op it’s almost the same amount… and still use it as an opportunity to check out the homeland and visit family.

Week before my flight, a friend who was super happy with her rhinoplasty (and also owns a skin care practice so I knew her opinion was educated)… highly encouraged me to see Dr. Edelson in person for a consult before I leave. His name also kept on popping up when I asked local practice surgeons here who they I made an appt at his office.

First impression I really liked the aesthetics of the Alexis Surgery Center in La Jolla. Reception area is super clean/modern and staff was friendly. His assistant was very welcoming and also answered my prelim questions via text.

After meeting him and looking at more before/after photos (including Asians)… I cancelled my flight (now have credit with Delta) and got it done the week after! Yes he was more than the doctors who quoted me in Korea but when I added up flight etc it was close to even. He has extensive EXTENSIVE experience doing these AND I didn’t want to fly back to Korea if I needed a touch up.

6 weeks after and I feel like my photos should now be in that same before/after book. I have also been consulting my plastic surgery friends in who don’t specialize in this… they agree with me that my results are incredible.

I had so much extra skin weighing me down and now that it’s gone… I subtly look 100x better and more alert. I made it out to Gaslamp the weekend after with a baseball cap on… and no one could even tell I had anything done until
I told them . My skin is much tighter and he cut out the perfect amount.

Artistically… the additional fold that is now on my upper eyelids looks extremely natural and I’m extremely happy how they have naturally developed. This is the most important part long-term esp if you’re Asian.

Mentally… I have a huge worry lifted off my mind because I’m more at ease and not always having to feel like I need to lift up my eyebrows. Hard to explain but my mind is more clear and my ADD is down so I can concentrate more.

Reach out if you have any questions. I was thinking about creating a blog to help document my little journey but who knows if I’ll go to that extent. Glad to write this long-winded review if it helps one person. Dr Edelson and Desiree were so cool/helpful that I also wanted to thank them before I went from a 9.1 to a 9.9 (10’s don’t exist)


Highly recommend to anyone looking to get ANY work done.

5.0 stars - Written on February 14, 2020

I was looking to get my ear lobes repaired after years of stretching them out. I haven’t worn plugs in a couple of years and wanted to get them closed up. So after some searching and high priced quotes, I came across Dr. Edelson on with 33 years of experience as a surgeon, I figured he must know what he is doing. I called the office and spoke with Desiree, their Patient Coordinator. She was very polite and clear with the information she gave/needed. I waited a couple of days for the quote of $2000. That may seem high, but he is priced much lower than the other surgeons I came across. I went in this morning for the procedure to find out that the quote I was given was not what I would be paying. I paid $1300! I was so stoked on that. Shortly after payment and a quick questionnaire, I was called back to my room where I met Rene, Dr. Edelson’s assistant. She was a pleasure to speak with while I waited for the Dr. When he came in, he had a box of photos of all the repairs he has done over the years. It was pretty full, maybe 2-300 photos(pre- and post-op)…and that was box #2!! He was very knowledgeable, reassuring, and an overall nice guy. He walked me through the procedure and answered all of my questions. I never felt like I was getting the short end of the stick with him. If I ever want to get more work done, Dr. Edelson will be the first person I talk to. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get ANY work done.


I am very pleased with the results

5.0 stars - Written on January 16, 2020

I just had a visit with Joanna Nicholson PA-C for some injectables. I was really impressed with her conservative nature. She used filler and it enhanced my own natural lips instead of making them look like I had just been punched in the mouth.

Her bedside manor is refreshing. She walked me though her recommendations and yet didn’t make me feel pressured. I trust her implicitly and moved forward with all of her recommendations.

I am very pleased with the results. I drove over an hour to get to her and will continue to do the drive so that I can see her. I highly recommend her. She is extremely talented.


A true artist with a gentle touch

5.0 stars - Written on December 18, 2019

Darcy Duffin is the injectable specialist!!! A true artist with a gentle touch, I’ve gone to her for years. Followed her from La Jolla to this beautiful establishment Alexus Med Spa. Love the place and love Darcy.


I am very happy with my results

5.0 stars - Written on July 24, 2019

My first surgery ever!! I got my breasts done with Dr. Alexander. The girls in the staff made everything so easy and this place is full positive energy. Before surgery Dr. Alexander made me feel so calm and secure about my breast size and the price is fair! I am very happy with my results super amazing job! Thank you Alexus staff for everything!


I feel like I look natural–me, but much better!

5.0 stars - Written on August 23, 2017

Dr. Alexander did a mini-face lift, an eyelid lift and a chin implant on me in May 2017. The difference between the before and after was really remarkable! I feel much more confident going out in the world with my “rejuvenated” face!

Dr. Alexander does a great job and I am thrilled with the results, but the work is not overdone! I feel like I look natural–me, but much better!

In addition, Dr. Alexander is kind, easy to communicate with and really cares that you are comfortable with the process as well as being happy with the results.

For example, I had concerns about going under general anasthesia, and he worked with the anasthesiologist, Dr. Tom (who was amazing also, by the way!) to line up the right kind of sedation that would not leave me groggy or foggy, but that would address my sleep apnea too. The anasthesia combination ended up being perfect for me!

Also, the care Dr. Alexander gives after the surgery is as good as the care beforehand. He is always willing to see you when you need to be seen, if you have a concern–no questions asked!

Lastly, the staff at his office are wonderful, too. They follow up with you and do what they say they will do! They are competent, professional, and kind.

As an aside, a friend of mine, after seeing my results, scheduled with Dr. Alexander immediately for her own mini-lift! In fact, she just had her surgery today!


He has magic in his hands

5.0 stars - Written on March 30, 2017

Dr. Alexander is one of the best of the best plastic surgeons, he has magic in his hands.


Dr. John Alexander is truly amazing.

5.0 stars - Written on February 1, 2017

Dr. John Alexander is truly amazing. He is kind, considerate and extremely professional. He is patient during consultations and listens to all of your concerns. I recently went to him for a breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His staff is wonderful and they do everything they can to make you feel comfortable before and after your procedure. I always recommend Dr. Alexander to all of my friends and family because I know they will be taken care of and happy with their results!


The entire staff was great

5.0 stars - Written on January 24, 2017

The service I received at Alexander Surgery was absolutely perfect. The entire staff was great. Dr. Alexander was professional and personable. I had my upper eye lids done. Everything about this simple surgery from start to finish was easy, comfortable and successful. I appreciate quality service, and that’s why I am writing this review. If you are shopping for cosmetic surgery, you can not do better than Dr. Alexander. Pricing was competitive and the service was outstanding. Thank you to the entire staff for making my experience a pleasant one.


This place is great!

5.0 stars - Written on January 4, 2017

This place is great! I was referred by a friend to see Darcy for all my botox, filler and skin care needs at Alexander Skin Care. After seeing several other “top rated” doctors in SD for filler and botox and never getting the results I wanted, I decided to give this office a try! I’m so glad I did, Darcy was amazing! She gave me beautiful, natural looking results, in addition was able to correct areas that were previously over-injected & uneven. She is professional, kind, very precise and doesn’t try to sell you something that wont benefit you! I highly recommend Darcy for all your skin care and beauty needs, she’s great!!


You leave this office feeling like a VIP person

5.0 stars - Written on November 28, 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Alexander for several years. I have observed during that time a very caring and personable Doctor. My experiences have been all positive. I recently had a treatment at his skin care treatment office. The staff there were warm and friendly. This establishment answers all of your questions and concerns that helps you participate to achieve your goals. You realize Nina the Esthetician is really skilled at her craft. She has the ability to calm and relax you with her charming personality. The chief of operations Cynthia a very warm and pleasant woman welcomes you with a big smile and offers you your favorite drink. She is a wealth of information and decodes the numerous treatments. You leave this office feeling like a VIP person.



Artistic talent

5.0 stars - Written on August 18, 2015

In the skin care clinic physician assistant Joanna Nicholson has artistic talent. I hate my broken capillaries, brown spots and deepening parentheses around my mouth and how at 53 the corners of my mouth are starting to look like my Mother. I asked Joanna to pull out what ever she had up her sleeve to turn the clock back. An hour and a half later with a little foundation to cover some redness I was back in the office. And no one noticed a thing! 🙂 Incredible!


He really is the best

5.0 stars - Written on July 31, 2015

Dr. Alexander is an amazing surgeon. He is caring and a true perfectionist. He really is the best.


I recommend them highly.

5.0 stars - Written on July 31, 2014

I have been coming to Alexander Skin Care for years. Joanna & LeAnn are excellent! I trust Joanna with injections and Le Ann gives fabulous facials. They never recommend more than what you truly need. which is refreshing in todays cosmetic industry. I recommend them highly.


I am so pleased with the results!

5.0 stars - Written on May 3, 2014

I highly recommend Dr. Alexander II & his staff at Alexander Cosmetic Surgery. From the initial consultation to post-op, Dr. Alexander was professional, informative, caring, & an expert at the procedure he performed. I am so pleased with the results! I was back to work in a matter of days with little bruising or swelling. There are many plastic surgeons to choose from, but if you want the best, go see Dr. Alexander II!